Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let's Talk! Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

Some random things from me this week....

1.  The weather is beautiful today, sunny and temps in the 70's.
2.  I love to read and have too many books started at one time!
3.  Filled the bird feeders this morning, which I know will be empty again by mid afternoon.
4.  Praying for everyone who is affected by the horrible tornadoes in our area this past sad.
5.  Missing my hubby Dan today he had to work a 12 hour shift.
6.  I am enjoying working on my blog(s) again, thank you dear friend Judy!
7.  We are now into the Mayfly/Junebug season..icky bugs.
8.  Love planting flowers and gardening, even if it ruins my fingernails...I don't like wearing gardening gloves. :-)
9.  Missing Mackinac Island.
10. Love my kids and grandkids..they are all so awesome!

Also asking for prayers for baby Tabitha, she and her family are very precious to us.  Tabitha is less then 2 weeks old and she is having open heart surgery early tomorrow morning.
If you would like to know more, please contact me by email or private message on facebook. 

Be blessed!


  1. Hi Pam;

    Right now it's raining here in my area. Prayers are being said for tornado victims and families who have lost loved ones and homes, etc. My heart goes out to them. My heart and prayers go out to Baby Tabitha and her family. Today they can do so much for infants with congenital heart defects. I know and understand what they are going through.

    I haven't seen a June bug in 25 years but I remember how big and horrible they were. At night with the lights on in the house, we could hear them smashing against the window. Thank goodness they seemed to disappear from here in our area of upstate NY.

    Have a blessed and lovely day my friend. love & hugs

  2. Hi Pam! I loved this form of posting today! Such a neat idea. I'm so grateful that you were spared damage during those storms. It's heartbreaking to see the losses. Also keeping baby Tabitha in prayer. I know this must be so stressful for her parents. Love you Pam! Love it that you are enjoying blogging again too!

  3. Hi Pam! So glad you linked up today! Thanks for sharing! I always seem to have too many books going at once, too!! And I will say a prayer for little Tabitha!

  4. Hi Pam. How sad about Tabitha!! I will be praying for her!! Keep us posted. ((BIG HUGS))!!