Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let's Talk! Tuesday & Happy Wednesday

I didn't get around to posting yesterday, but still wanted to do Let's Talk! Tuesday. 
A few things to talk/ramble about...

1. Dan and I went to Olive Garden for lunch yesterday..yum!

2. Went shopping for a gazebo and yes we came home with one!  Dan and my nephew David are going to put it up today. We didn't get the clock that they show in the pic.

3. This Saturday, July 3 is our little town's 4th of July celebration.  There are fireworks over the lake at dark. During the day there are vendors in town and city-wide garage sales.  It is a very busy, fun day. We always invite family and friends over to spend the day/evening and hang out with us. This is year will be especially fun because Dan doesn't have to work that night and he is planning a huge cookout!
4. I am thinking about and getting excited about VBS at our church, the last week of July! I am teaching pre-primary age. The theme this year is..
The Egypt File~Decoding the Mystery of LIFE

Well, I better say bye for now. Lots to get done around here!
God bless you!


  1. Ooh I love the gazebo, I wish we would get one, but Jason thinks it will just get pooped on by the birds and end up looking dirty and messy. I'd be worried about it in high winds and storms too!
    Have a wonderful 4th July weekend, sounds like you have a great time planned.

  2. Hello Pam, I love your new gazebo, it's going to be a lovely 4th of July. I love gazebos, they add something special to a house. I hope your week is going well, have a wonderful 4th of July weekend! Hugs

  3. Hi Pam!! Your gazebo is gorgeous!! I hope you enjoy thhe 4th of July festivities!!! Have fun!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

  4. Hi Pam, love the gazebo you got. I want one of those so bad, but Michael doesn't want to get anything like that until after a move. I understand.
    I hope you have a great time this weekend with your cookout. Sounds like lots of fun. Woohoo that Dan is off. Enjoy sweetie.


  5. that's a nice gazebo. I was thinking yesterday that I should have our Cath K one up at the moment. Of course, today it's clouded over quite a bit, so I can guarantee that if we put it up over the weekend it will rain. hmmm. not a bad idea, I am fed up with the sunshine!

    I've read back a bit, and I love the flowers in your back garden. Gorgeous.

    Have a lovely Thursday, and enjoy your 4th July weekend xxx

  6. Hi Pam! I'm finally making it here! :-) LOVE the gazebo! I hope it doesn't have problems when you have the bad weather...will you have to dissemble it when the bad winds hit?

    I love Olive does Emily. :-) It's one of our fav places.

    Sounds like you are in store for a lovely weekend. I'm glad that Dan doesn't have to now you can put him to work at home with the cookout. :-)

    Check out my post yesterday (Wednesday)...I had to perform surgery. :-) Love you Pam!! Hugs

  7. The gazebo is wonderful. I wish you tons of hours of good times in there.
    Have a wonderful time with your company for the 4th!

  8. Hi Pam your Gazebo is really pretty. You should really enjoy that. I hope you had a great 4th of July cookout! your vacation bible school class should be fun. Have a great week!