Tuesday, June 1, 2010

~Happy first day of June 2010~

Happy June!  It is a lovely, summery day here in our little part of the world.  
This pic isn't from our canal..but we do have these right now..very pretty.

 Dan and his brother have one of our boats out doing some fishing. Hope they catch  some fish..maybe a big one, like this! 

Found that great pic online!  ha ha

If you are familiar with Gooseberry Patch, click on their name and check out the free desktop downloads they are offering. Very cute!
I downloaded this new summer one.

Enjoy this wonderful day the Lord has given us.


  1. Pam, that picture of the fish is funny.
    I love Gooseberry graphics, I will have to drop by and visit. Have a great day!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

  2. Happy June 1st Pam;

    Love the photos. For a minute I thought to myself, "No way could that be Dan and his brother!" LOL!! (kidding)

    Today is far from sunny here in our neck of the woods. The sky is dark and it looks like T-storms are about to hit us. :-{

    Have a blessed and lovely day dear Pam. love & hugs

  3. Hello Pam, I love the water lily photo, they are so pretty. How nice to have this near your house. What a fun shot with the fish :o) I love Gooseberry Patch, I also follow them on facebook. Have a terrific week, hugs

  4. HI Pam....thanks for visiting my blog :)

    We've just returned from a weekend fishing trip as well.....having a fish fry this weekend for my daughter's graduation party :)

    Hope you had a great weekend!


  5. Hi Pam! I love Gooseberry, so will have to stop by there. I haven't changed out my desktop theme in awhile, so thank you for the reminder. I had to laugh at the fish pic. :-) Hope Dan catches a big one too. Have a lovely evening there in MI. Love you Pam! Hugs

  6. Hi Pam! Hope they caught some fish! I fuished in Minnesota before and caught Northern Pike. I think that's what they were called. I also got eaten alive by mosquitoes while out on the boat at dusk. ;) Enjoy June- one of my favorite months! (((Hugz)))

  7. Hi Pam,
    Happy Wednesday!
    Love the water lily photo-so pretty!
    Gladyour weeknd was fun!
    Love and hugs.

  8. Hi Pam, finally get by to say hello. It's so pretty and summery looking in here. :) I love your new desktop wallpaper. I love Gooseberry Patch...I have one of theirs on mine too.

    Hope you having a great week.

  9. Pam - come out, come out, wherever you are! :-) Stopped by to see what you were up to. You're probably out enjoying your MI June weather. Sending big hugs!