Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not My Day

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers for my Mom. I will update here as soon as I can after the surgery.

Yesterday was not my day. I had a minor car accident. My car wasn't damaged but the other car, which I hit, has some damage. I was backing out of a parking place at the grocery store and stopped briefly to wait for a pedestrian to pass. I then proceeded to back out and I hit another car that was pulling out their parking place. Our insurance company will have to pay for their car repair, they consider it my fault because I caused the damage. The other driver was an elderly man, he was a bit confused, told me he was blowing his horn at me. I know for a fact that he wasn't, I am not hard of hearing, I would have heard it. I honestly didn't see him and he thought when I stopped for the pedestrian that it was clear for him to leave his parking place. I am still so upset over this. I have never hit another car before! I hope our insurance rates don't go up too much.

Later yesterday afternoon I had to run an errand for Dan and I was in a hurry. I tripped over the dog gate. When we go out we put the dogs in the laundry room and block it off with a baby gate/dog gate. I fell extremely hard on both of my knees and hit my left wrist on the floor as well. I looked at my knees and they were both red, but I could walk, so I went on with my business. When I got home 1 hour later, my left knee had a huge bump on it! I have never seen anything like it, looked like the shape of an egg.
I took a couple Alleve and then put ice on my knee and kept it propped up for the rest of the evening. This morning most of the swelling is gone and I see a bruise developing. I can walk and bend it OK, but it is sore, in fact my whole body is sore! I am sure in a couple of days I will be fine.

Today I just feel out of sorts. I think it is a combination of the events of yesterday and thinking about my Mom's surgery tomorrow.

Take care everyone.

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