Monday, January 7, 2008

Crazy Weather

It was 65 degrees today, which broke the record for the high. It is supposed to be warm tomorrow as well. Certainly feels like spring, too bad it isn't!

I went along with Dan to his dentist appointment this afternoon. Afterwards we went to Olive Garden for lunch. We both had soup and salad. It was nice having a light meal, instead of one of the heavy pasta dishes. We like so many of the dishes they serve there, but we need to eat healthier and get in shape. ;o)

Got Kelly's books for the Winter semester which starts this Friday. It amazes me how expensive college text books and materials cost. This semester she is taking
  1. Exploring Teaching
  2. Art History
  3. English Comp II
  4. Basic Math

10:30 pm Weather update...Dan just phoned me, he is on his way to work, listening to the weather report on the radio. We are under a tornado watch. And this is January??

Take care everyone.


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