Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Antique Mall

Dan and I went for a drive in the country today. We left early and went to a few antique malls. What a strange feeling to look through rooms and rooms of antiques and to see so many items I remember from my childhood! Am I that old?? lol When I was a child I had the whole series of The Bobbsey Twins books. Oh how I loved all of those stories. I always look for them when we are in the antique shops. I actually found a few today but they weren't in good shape. Here are the items I did end up with today.

Pfaltzcraft Ceramic Bowl~ this photo does not do it justice, it looks much prettier.

Cherub Angel framed prints

Dan found an antique fly fishing pole. It is in good shape and in a case. Sorry, don't have a pic of it. lol

After shopping we stopped for lunch at Applebees. It was good day and wonderful for Dan and I to spend time together!

My knee seems to be getting worse so I phoned the doctor's office this afternoon and set up an appointment for Thursday morning.


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