Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Flowers & Snow

I had a nice visit with my parents yesterday. Mom has had a few visitors and lots of phone calls. A few have brought or are bringing over meals as well, which is a big help for my Dad. I just spoke to Mom on the phone and she has received more flowers!
My Dad said when they were leaving the hosptial on Sunday everyone in the elevator and on the way out kept looking at the cart full of flower arrangements he was pushing. Some were commenting how pretty the flowers were. Dad laughed and jokingly told me that he probably could have sold some them! lol

This morning I was pleasantly suprised to wake up to snow on the ground! We have had light flurries for the most of the day but not much of any accumulation. There is probably only1 inch on the ground. I am hoping for more.

Take care everyone. If you are an American Idol fan like me, have fun watching tonight!