Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Smiles

Happy Sunday! 

Found this cutie on facebook.

Dan is feeling better, but is very tired.  He has doctor appointments and therapy Tuesday through Friday this week. Thank you everyone for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.

While Colton and Braedon were here, they helped me fill the bird feeders and then we would watch the birds at the feeders in the mornings. Colton especially enjoyed looking at my "National Audubon Society  Field Guide To Birds" and was fascinated to identify birds in the book that we had at the feeders.  I sent him a book just like mine. 

 Colton with his bird book. 
And this is what he had to say about it.. 
"my very own bird book, just what I always wanted. I love it" 

 This was one of our favorites. 
American Gold Finch

Be blessed


  1. Great picture of Colton with the book. Maybe he will grow up to work with animals. I bet you miss the boys. Sorry Dan is so tired. Hopefully he will feel better soon. Have a great week. Hugs

  2. Hi Pam,
    Sorry Dan is feeling tired. What an ordeal he went through that is for sure! That is great Colton like his new book. Cute picture :) Have a wonderful Monday. Hugs, Dru

  3. Hi Pam,
    I do hope that Dan starts to feel better because living with pain is certainly no fun at all! Glad that Colton got his own bird book and can identify the birds at the feeder. We love to watch the birds at ours too. Have a great week!

  4. Hello Pam
    So very nice to meet you! I am looking forward to being a new friend and your newest follower.
    Isn't this world of blogging amazing how we can meet so many sweet people around the world.

    I see you live in a state I absolutely love and have been lucky enough to spend one summer of my life in Ludington, MI. It was an awesome visit and I often wish I could live there myself. Especially during the summer because our triple digets are killing me this year.
    Your grandson is adorbable and glad he loved your Bird book.
    Hope your having a good week and please come by and visit with me again soon.

    I know I will be back you have a lovely site.