Tuesday, August 6, 2013

appointments, therapy & driving, oh my!

For the next several weeks I am Dan's driver to his physical therapy  appointments and doctor appointments. Actually I am his driver, period, until his doctor gives the OK to drive.  I really don't mind driving him around, but I don't know how much he enjoys my driving style! I always warn him, "I don't drive like you, keep that in mind." :o)  Let's just say Dan is a more adventurous driver. ;o) 

Tomorrow starts the twice a week physical therapy for his knee, this will continue through the middle of September. Of course he has daily exercises he does at home.  This week he also has an appointment with his orthopedic doctor, next week his primary care doctor. I believe when he sees the primary care doctor a cardiologist will be assigned to Dan and an appointment with him/her will be set up.

Dan is doing pretty good over all. He is complaining of tiredness and boredom the most.  Hopefully he will start feeling stronger once therapy gets into full swing.   He misses the cottage a lot, not sure when we will get back up there.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far.




  1. I hope Dan is back driving again soon and you get back to the cottage quickly.
    I begin out patient therapy soon myself for my spine. I have to strengthen my core since its been so long since I could walk right.
    Its been rainy and yukky here, hope you are faring better weather wise.
    Have a great Friday.