Thursday, August 1, 2013

August, updates!!

Happy August!! SO much happening here. Where do I start??  I was having trouble with Blogger using my Firefox browser. Finally got that figured out.

Recent events if you aren't on facebook with me is Dan had knee replacement surgery on Friday, July 26th at the Ann Arbor Va Hospital. The surgery went well and he was resting/sleeping when I left that evening to come home. (about 7 pm).  I was relaxing at home, getting ready to go to bed and I get a phone call from the VA hospital telling me that Dan had a heart attack and he was on his way to University of Michigan Hospital for an emergency heart cath. Of course, I took off right away back to the hospital. Fortunately the two hospitals are within minutes of each other.  The heart cath went well, thank God. Dan had a huge blood clot, which the doctors took care of and another blockage of 98%, a stent was put in to open that up. This is his 3rd stent and second heart attack. Thankfully tests have revealed there is no damage to his heart. But he is on a couple new medications for his heart. Dan stayed in the Cardiac ICU until Saturday afternoon, then he was transferred back to the VA Hospital and admitted to the cardiac floor this time. I took this pic while I was waiting for Valet to get my car at U of M.

Dan started physical therapy for his knee on Sunday and he was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday, July 30. He will have out patient physical therapy for several weeks, twice a week.  Right now I am his 24/7 nurse.   All of Dan's doctors, nurses, techs, all of the staff at both hospitals were awesome!! I wish I could thank them all personally. Dan is still having quite a bit of pain in his knee and he is tired. We appreciate your prayers for him. Thank you!

On another note..we had our grandsons Colton and Braedon here with us from July 10-20.  My son didn't have the time off work to come up here for a visit, so we met up with them in Knoxville, TN, and brought the boys here to Michigan to hang out with us.  They live in Florida, so it was somewhat of a halfway point. Actually shorter for us, 7 hrs. one way. For them I think it was more like 10 hrs. Then we did the same thing taking them back. We had so much fun with the boys. We took them to the cottage for a few days and did lots of fun stuff around here.
Grandma and her boys

 My parents and the boys. 
Click on July photos below. You will see pics from our month of July, 
including July 4th weekend fun.
July photos on facebook.

I  will try to update again soon.




  1. Hi Pam, please leave me a tag when you blog so I can come and visit. I am glad that Dan is doing better. I am sure he appreciates you taking care of him. Glad you enjoyed your visit with your grandsons. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs

  2. Hi Pam. I am so glad that Dan's heart is ok and that he is recovering well from his knee surgery. I hope that after he's recuperated he will take care of you for awhile, lol. ;-) Have a blessed weekend!