Tuesday, August 20, 2013

first day of school and baby Eli

Today is Colton's and Braedon's first day of school. 
Colton started Kindergarten and Braedon started Pre-K. 
Here a few pics that my daughter in law, Sabrina shared on fb this morning. 


While my grandsons are getting big and going to school, my sister's first grandchild, Elijah (Eli), was just born into this world on Sunday.  Congrats to my nephew  Josh and his wife Kari! Also congrats to my sister Lori and her hubby Bill!

  My sister Lori and Eli.
 7 lbs.2oz 
22 inches long

Dan had therapy this morning, it went well, he is making progress. I know he will be so glad when this is all over with.  

This afternoon I have to take Bentley to the vet. He has a  pretty big area on his front leg that is raw..fur is gone, he won't leave it alone, keeps licking it. We discovered it this weekend, I tried home remedies hoping to avoid a vet visit.  Hope it isn't serious or too expensive.  Poor guy!

  Take care, enjoy your Tuesday.


  1. Glad to hear Dan is making progress.
    The baby is adorable. I am just crazy over the cute excited face of your grandson in the 2nd photo down!! Priceless!

  2. Hi Pam, Eddie likes his Kinder class, but he says he already knows what he is learning. But he does like to color and he likes his teacher. She said she will get to his level once she has the rest of the kids settled in. Jazzy starts preschool in Sept. Congrats on the new baby in the family. Your family is very much like my family, close knit. Good to hear Dan is getting better. Hugs

  3. Poor Bentley! I hope the antibiotics help. Eli is so precious! And your grandsons look so excited to start school! I'm glad that Dan is doing well with PT. Have a great day!