Monday, August 15, 2011

middle of august~oh my!

It's been a nice couple of days, sunny and temps not too bad, in the low 80's for the most part.  It's the middle of August already, amazing how fast time goes by!
  It's been a busy month so far, both fun things along with serious issues with some family and friends. 

Dan had last night off from work, we went over to my parents for a visit.  Then my brother Ed, his wife Angie and their kids showed up, then my sister, Lori! It was kind of like a family reunion!! We all went out to dinner at a Mexican place we haven't been to before, El Nuevo Vallarta. We all had a fun time and the food was excellent.

Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday! Happy Birthday Mom, we love you!

 Have a great week everyone.  God bless.