Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weeds, Petunias, Friends

Happy Saturday! Dan was busy cleaning and organizing the garage today and I was busy pulling weeds in the front of the house. It amazes me how fast those pesky weeds grow!
On the other hand, the petunias in the back of the house, took off like crazy, in fact these petunias came back from last years plants. I have never had that happen before. They not only came back in the barrel planters, but spread on the ground. Here is a petunia that come up through a crack in concrete,,,crazy!

Our dear friends, Steve & Debbi were here for a visit! We so enjoy our time with them.  The above saying is SO true!
I am so glad that Debbi was here for her birthday!
It is always sad to see them leave here and go back to their own home.
Hopefully we will see them again soon.

God bless


  1. Happy Sunday Pam;

    A lot of annuals like the petunias, are really semi-annual flowers and will come back up for a second year. When I had my own home and garden I would purposely buy semi-annual flowers for the spring and summer. I like the saying on the rock, so true!
    Have a blessed Sunday my friend. xoxo

  2. I have to keep apologising for not visiting sooner. Whenever I try I get booted off the computer by a tiny girl who wants to play games! I blog when she's asleep, but that's all I have time for late (for me) at night!

    I hope your mum had a good birthday.
    How nice to have your friend round on her birthday.

    I love it when plants come back when you don't expect it, and grow in unusual places.We have some really pretty flowers (no idea what they are),and they did the same thing. Were in pots but decided to grown in a stupid place, and they come back year after year. I'm sure they weren't meant to!

    Have a wonderful week ahead xx