Monday, August 22, 2011

floor cleaning~I know..boring!

Cleaning floors, one of my least favorite chores.  We have Pergo floors in our kitchen, dining room and the master bedroom/bath.

The master bedroom/bath is upstairs and that floor is very easy to keep clean,  not much traffic up there! 
Downstairs the kitchen/dining area is a very high traffic area. We normally come into the house through the garage area into the kitchen, also the dogs are in the kitchen/dining area the majority of the time. I get a bit overwhelmed trying to keep the floor clean!
I use my Shark Steam Mop once a week...
Then on a daily basis I am using the Swiffer Vac and Swiffer Mopping Pads. With two dogs there are many times I need to do a quick clean up through the kitchen!

I am tired of paying for expensive and environmentally unfriendly dusters and sweepers, so  I started checking online for a more economical solution.
I found a great idea on the following website.
I plan on buying microfiber cloths and applying them to the Swiffer Sweeper in the same way as a refill! A package of microfiber clothes are inexpensive and can be machine washed and used over and over. I can use them dry with  the Swiffer Vac and wet, using my own choice of cleaning solution when I am mopping.

Well, I know this isn't the most exciting post, but it sure helped me today!
Take blessed


  1. that's ok Pam, I found it interesting. I'm plotting a really exciting post at some point, about my salt stash (honestly, I am really just obsessive about it and now I bet we won't get any snow!), garlic in oil, and a bucket full of diry water. oh yes, I'm wild!


  2. Hi Pam!

    The post helped me as I will have those floors soon. Now you have shown me how to care for them! Thanks.
    You never know what good some posts might do.