Tuesday, August 30, 2011

fab party~

I went to a  50th wedding anniversary party Saturday night for my Uncle Earle and Aunt Judy. Dan had to work and couldn't go, so my parents picked me up and we went together.  It was nice seeing everyone and reconnecting with some family that I haven't been with in a very long time.
Here are a few pics from the party, a great party as always, at my cousin Greg's home.
~all kinds of sweets to choose from~

~some of the delicious food~
~Aunt Judy & Uncle Earle~
(actually they are  great aunt & great uncle)
Uncle Earle is my Dad's uncle.
Dad & Uncle Earle :-)

I have lots more pics on facebook.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Looks like a marvellous party.I love how they showcased her gown. What a great idea.

  2. How wonderful that her wedding dress was on display! They look great after 50 years of marriage! The pool looks refreshing anfd pretty! Enjoy the month ahead! In SoCal, the months kind of blend together so autumn isn't as special as it is in the midwest and east coast. We do get fall color but nothing like you do! (((Hugz)))

  3. oh that's lovely, and how lovely to have her dress included too. Love that.

    Pam, Autumn is *almost* here! Are you excited?! This morning, when I saw Bill off to work we both commented on the air. Overnight it has taken on a very autumnal smell, and there was a real crispness to it. The change in season happens quite quickly here. One day it's summer, then it's gone!


  4. Oh what a lovely party it must have been. Her wedding gown was gorgeous! How wonderful that they were able to display it. Have a lovely beginning of September my friend. Love & hugs