Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today is my hubby Dan's birthday!  I know he probably won't see this, but..
Happy Birthday Honey, I love you! xoxoxo
We didn't have a big celebration since he worked last night and has to work tonight.  I did get him his favorite,  a yummy German chocolate cake from Meijer bakery.  Kelly and I will give him his birthday presents tonight before he goes to work.

Monday night we celebrated my brother Tim's birthday at Texas Roadhouse, it was fun and I took some pics but I haven't uploaded them to the computer yet. We have more birthday parties coming up this weekend.  My nephew Jake is turning 14, his party is Friday night and my niece Megan's party is Saturday, she is turning 18.

The weather is beautiful, sunny and temps near 70.  Our Spring has been gorgeous this year! My lilac bushes are just about in bloom! Yay! Haven't taken pics yet but here is a pic from last year. I love Lilacs, they are one of my favorite flowers.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful wednesday!
Be blessed~hugs


  1. Happy Birthday to your Hubby Dan! My Hubby Dan's favorite cake is also German Chocolate! How bout that! My Dan's birthday is May 9th..

    I love your lilac's! They are beautiful!!

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. Happy Wednesday dear Pam;

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!! Your April is like my December & January, filled with birthdays just about every week. Save me a piece of the delicious German chocolate cake. :)

    Your lilacs are lovely. I can almost smell them from here. Have a blessed evening dear friend. love & hugs

  3. Happy Birthday Dan :) I love lilac trees, so many things I want in my garden (all we have is fruit trees and veg so far) but it's rather costly to get a lot so I should plan on one or two main things a year!
    The weather here is lovely too. Have a great evening Pam

  4. Happy Birthday to Dan! German chocolate is Mike's favorite cake too. I sure would have loved to have had a piece! Wow - so many birthdays. A calorie free month, huh? :-)

    I love lilics Mom loved them so much. She loved all flowers & could make anything grow!

    So happy to see this new post Pam. Love you & sending big hugs!

  5. Hey Pam, tell Dan Happy Birthday. It's a shame he has to work and ya'll can't spoil him a little.
    Glad your enjoying your spring. Ours for the most part has been lovely too. I posted pictures of some of my blooms yesterdays. I love my lilacs too.


  6. Hi Pam,
    Happy Birthday to Dan! You cake sounds delicious! Hope he had a fabulous Birthday today. I love the picture of your lilac bush. Beautiful. Have a wonderful Thursday.
    Hugs, Dru

  7. Happy Birthday to Dan, the cake sounds so yummy. I love lilac too, we don't have any but I guess that lilac like peonies would be a winter flower here. I hope you're having a great week, hugs

  8. Ciao Pam, a chocolate cake for a special day is always perfect ;) Happy Birthday to your hubby! Beautiful lilac bush :)

  9. hope Dan had a good bd :o)

    I love lilacs. I never have them as a cut flower, even though I have a beautiful one in the back garden. I've been brought up being told they are bad luck. Goes back to Victorian days,when they used to use the scent of lilacs to cover the smell of death. While it may not be the case now, they are still considered bad luck. Such a shame. I love them. I console myself by having vases of them outside, on the bench and garden table :O) Stupid superstition!!!