Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The latest..

Well, the snow melted after a couple of days. We have had temps in the 40's and most days are sunny. I am looking forward to Spring!
 It seems so strange that we were in Florida one month ago, times flies and we miss our Florida kids & grandkids!! I have so many happy memories of our visit down there.
Here is another cute pic of Braedon, that my Mom took at Disney.
Kelly, Colton and Braedon being silly!
Dan and I have taken a couple days here and there this past month checking out real estate north of here in Michigan. We are looking for vaction waterfront (inland lake) property. Right now we are looking at many different areas, we don't want to be any farther then 4 hours from home. While we were gone last week checking out property, we met up with Dan's niece Rachael and her husband Shawn for dinner at Bennigans in Big Rapids, Michigan. We had a great time!  I haven't been to a Bennigans in years!

Rachael and Shawn live in a very pretty area, lots of woods and inland lakes. It would be great if we find something near them.

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day!  Dan had to work 12 hours so we didn't go out for lunch or dinner. But that's fine, we always make sure we spend quality time together.  Even though we didn't have a "date" on Valentine's Day, here is a pic of the gorgeous flowers I got. I am sorry to say that the photo doesn't really show how pretty they were.

  Here are a couple funny pics for you!
Bentley watching TV, he does this quite often!
 I was helping a friends' son with a school project, the little paper character stayed with us and I journaled about it and took pics..anyway, here is a pic I took with Patch.
This photo cracks me up!!!
 Take care


  1. Hi Pam! Good luck on the property hunt. Are you looking for a home or just land to build on. Not a Florida condo, huh? ;) Good job on the sunflower favicon! :) (((Hugz)))

  2. Love the picture of Patch!! I really like the picture of Braedon at Disney...just plain adorable!!

  3. HA HA... That picture with Patch is hysterical! I'm glad you had such a great time in Florida with your kids & grandsons! Special times ;-)

    Exciting news of you "cottage" shopping!! Hope you find something wonderful. Having my Dad live up on a lake north of Toronto, I know how great it is to get away from the city for those quiet vacations (although I tend to like going to the ocean for my "quiet times") :-D

    Big Hugs to you Pammy!! Miss you xo

  4. Hi again! I sent you my email but I hope IO had the right email for you. If you don't get my email- here's my addy- just my first name at


  5. Hi Pam, I enjoyed my visit today and I loved the pics with the dogs. I miss my Reina and will hold into the memories but no more dogs for me. I do hope you find a nice place by your family. I am so looking forward to Hawaii! Warm here today, low 80's. I got my book today. Hugs

  6. Hi Pam, so glad you had a good trip. I hope you find the perfect spot for your vacation property.
    The dog looks so cute with the wide eyes! Made me laugh.
    Have a great day tomorrow.