Friday, February 24, 2012

Cozy day

Bentley went to the groomer today. For him, it is an exciting few hours, full of fun. He loves getting groomed and he loves Gary his groomer.
 So for now Bentley is all clean, fluffy and smelling good!

I took this pic right after we got home, he wouldn't pose so Dan had to hold him. Maybe later I can get a better pic.

It is a rainy day here, which I am fine with.
That makes for a cozy, candle lit, tea drinking day.  

Happy Friday!


  1. He looks so young... and small... in this picture. I was amazed at how big/tall he is in "real life" ;-) Did you get any snow? All we got was rain in the "big storm" - ha ha Enjoy your weekend Pammy! xoxo

  2. Bentley looks fabulous! That's great that he loves being groomed. A lot of dogs are so scared and nervous when being brought to the groomers it seems. I groom Belle on my own... she's got a double coat (being Sheltie/Pomeranian) so it's a big job keeping her coat in order, but I love doing it :) Stay warm, we have a snowstorm heading our way so I'll be tucked in and cozy soon lol. Hugs

  3. How cute he looks!
    I agree.. rainy days can be so cozy esp with nice cup of tea and warmth inside!

  4. Bentley looks wonderful. So you are getting rain? It was rainly looking here monday and today, but didn't get anything. Sure is great to get the chance to visit old and dear friends again. How is the family? *hugs*

  5. Bentley looks gorgeous!

    Just me, comptuer is back and virus free, so I'm having a little surf around before bed.


  6. popping by to say hi, Pam. Have a wonderful week. ((hugs))