Wednesday, November 16, 2011

scenes of autumn

It is sad to see the autumn colors disappearing.  Soon all of the colorful leaves will be gone.  I wish the autumn leaves stayed on the trees longer, but that is not to be, this is all part of the seasonal changes. 
I snapped a few pics out in the yard today, probably the last ones of autumn color for this year.
 ~ Japanese Maple~

Love this birdhouse
Lavender is still blooming!

gorgeous leaves

Patch having fun!
~mums from our front yard~

one of our scarecrows :-)

some of the front porch fall decor

I can't get enough of this autumn season, wish it wasn't at the end! 
Once Thanksgiving is over I will start concentrating on winter and Christmas.

Happy Wednesday



  1. there are not many things i miss about the north but the fall, okay not even the fall because it can get pretty cold, the leaves. oh how i miss the leaves changing. thank goodness for your pictures, being able to enjoy it without the weather :)

  2. Beautiful photos. You really captured autumn with them. I love the birdhouse. Did you make it?

  3. It is a shame when autumn is all over, buy my goodness it's magical while it's here. I am really loving the afternoons, when I pick up girly girl from school. The short walk there and back is so lovely, with the sun starting to set and the cold air swirling around us. It is blissful.

    Beautiful photos Pam xx