Tuesday, November 1, 2011

for Elizabeth

When someone you care about is gone from your life, gone from your world it is sad. I learned about my blogging friend, Elizabeth's death yesterday. It was a shock, I don't have any details as to what happened. I find it so very sad that I will never read her blog again or read her comments to me on my blog.
 Elizabeth was a kind person and she was a private person. I never saw a photo of Elizabeth.  We shared many of the same interests..a few being: love of animals, tea, shopping and Dooney & Bourke purses. :-)
I do hope that Elizabeth realized how much her online friends loved her.
I am praying for her husband Joel and their doggie, Buddy. Bless them.

This has made me realize how much I care about my online friends. 
It is a comfort to know that we are here for each other, in good times and in sad times.
Much love ~Pam


  1. WHAT??? Oh no!! I had not heard this. :*(

  2. that is a lovely tribute Pam, and I couldn't agree more.

    One thing I wish more than anything is that she knew how much we thought of her.

    She was instrumental in most of my online friendships. Without Elizabeth I wouldn't have met half the people I've met. And that's the thing about her. She may have been private, but she was always there, always linking us up.

    It says a lot about a person who can touch so many hearts, without people knowing much about them. Makes her pretty amazing in my book.

    I'm already missing her. I read some of the most recent comments from her, then went and visited Tequila Country Home. It seemed so strange to be there,knowing she wasn't behind the scenes.

    Take care lovely Pam, another of my wonderful blog friends who I love and care about, and would be lost withoug.


  3. Hi Pam, It does touch the heart to hear how we are all missing Elizabeth. We can go weeks and then catch up with each other. I think it is a shock because we did not see it coming. We did not really get to day goodbye. So we come to each other for that comfort knowing all to well that our time on earth is limited. Hugs to you my friend!

  4. Hi Pam,
    Great tribute for Elizabeth. I am still in shock over this :( So was such a lovely lady! A true animal lover. She will be missed so much! Hugs, Dru

  5. she will be sorely missed. This was such sad news this week. A lovely tribute Pam.
    sending hugs today xxxx

  6. HI Pam that is true we care about our online friends though I have personally been abandoned by the Christian Country Graphics crowd for my out spoken thoughts on polices and other topics. The nice and wonderful thing about two other people and Elizabeth they have stuck with me and I am so grateful and blessed to have had Elizabeth. I will miss her so much.
    Have a great day!