Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cracker Barrel & Quality Street

Today has been mostly a laid back day. Dan and I went for lunch at Cracker Barrel.
The funny thing is we both ordered off the breakfast menu. Of course after we finished our meal we had a look around the gift shop. They have so many cute items! The autumn things are all on sale and the Christmas decorations, gifts, sweets, etc., so fun to look at.  We didn't buy anything this time, but Dan had his eye on some Christmas singing hound dog..I told him, "I think we already have one of those".
I've been trying to take it easy this afternoon and evening. I seem to be fighting off a cold. I won't have it! I do not want to be sick, so taking some meds and trying to relax.

When our friends came from England recently for a visit, they brought us this gorgeous tin of chocolates! Oh how I love English chocolate!  I would show you a pic of the contents, but they are nearly gone.  hee hee.
Let me say in our defense, we have shared these tasty sweets with many friends and family members.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful day.


  1. Hi Pam! Hope you are feeling better and that you can keep that nasty cold away! I love Cracker Barrel, a lot of the charm is the store. We don't have one close so it has been quite awhile since I have been to one.
    Again feel better!

  2. I hope you can wallop away the cold! We seem to have a few germs floating around here at the momenet, my little sweetpea was so sick last night, it was not a pretty sight! She seems fine today, but I'm keeping her off school anyway.

    I love quality street. When I was little it was one of the things I loved most about Christmas,as my Mum & Dad used to buy a tin each year. The designs used to change each year which was part of the fun. The adverts they bring out are normally my favourite. Girly girl loved this one when she was younger
    it still gives me tingles. :O) I love the purple one, my dad loves the green triangle!

    I got your email and have replied.I understood your queries and hope I have answered them for you!

    lots of love to you.
    have a great Friday xx

  3. Aww,I hope you're feeling better soon, Pam. Nothing worse than that feeling of oncoming cold/flu. Love that tin that the English candies are in, so pretty! "Cracker Barrel"... one of my favorite cheeses, I'm like a mouse with cheese, I have to be careful lol. Have a lovely Friday and weekend. ((hugs))

  4. Hope you can avoid the cold. I came down with a big one and I feel awful.
    The chocolates look delicious.
    I love having breakfast anytime of day.
    Feel better and have a great weekend.

  5. me again. came to see your changes, and they look good :O)

    I've replied regarding the tabs.

    Have a gorgeous weekend,lots of love to you xx

  6. Hi Pam,
    I have not been to Cracker Barrel for a long time. I love their little store. I hope you were able to avoid catching a cold. Take care and have a blessed week, my friend!

  7. Hi Pam, just peeking in to see how you are and to wish you a terrific Tuesday :) ((hugs))

  8. Hi Pam we don't have a cracker barrel here. I hear it's very good. I love chocolate from England and they sold off their cadburry to Hersheys or another company I heard to we will have that strait from the USA if what I heard is correct. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs