Friday, September 30, 2011

Almost October!

Very shortly, September will be over. My goodness, this month sure did fly by!!

September had many wonderful times, along with sadness, but I choose to
count it all Joy and be thankful.

Opening a gift from my dear friend, Mare.
She lives in California so Dan took pics to show her.

 I love this figurine and I think of JOY when I see it.
I have much to be thankful for. 
Thank you Mare...looking forward to seeing you soon.

Gorgeous flowers & card from Dan
Love the card from Kelly..she also got some cute clothes..sorry no pic.

My Mom baked me a raspberry all time favorite.
Of course Grandma's recipe!

more bd goodies from Dad & Mom

I received many messages, lovely cards and precious phone calls from my sons. 
I am blessed with so many loving friends and family.
I was so happy that my youngest son, Chris came to visit this past week, spent a couple days with us.  He took Dan & I out for lunch at Biaggis for my bd.  Delicious!!!

I had to go to the doctor yesterday. My knees have been painful for a while, but have gotten alot worse recently to the point where I don't have full motion, especially in the right knee and I can't put all my weight on my right knee. Xrays showed that the osteoarthritis has worsened..I have an appointment with the orthopedic doctor on Oct. 6. I am trusting the Lord!

Happy weekend everyone & happy October!
~much love~


  1. Happy October Pammy! It's less than an hour away. Glad you had a great September and a Happy Birthday too!!

    Big hugs xoxo

  2. Hi Pam, happy Autumn! Happy Birthday and many more to come.
    I never had a raspberry pie and I am the pie queen in the family. Your Mom's pie looks delicious so I will have to make one now.
    I hope your knee heals quickly and completely.
    You are certainly putting your trust in the best possible place.

  3. shame on me, I forgot your birthday. So sorry Pam. I hope you had a faublous day. Looks like you did :O)

    sorry about your knees. I have total sympathy, my dad has very bad knees after a life time of hard work. He finds it hard to walk now, it's that bad. He's going to have to have ops on both, don't know when yet, probably next year. I shall be thinking of you xx