Monday, April 25, 2011

A lovely Easter

Easter Sunday was wonderful! We started the day at church celebrating Jesus resurrection! That is really what it's all about. Jesus sacrificing His life. dieing on the cross for us, our sins!  Then on the third day He rose from the dead, giving us the gift of eternal life!! Praise His name!! 
The service at church was awesome! Praise and worship was wonderful, I can't express how much our worship team ministers to me, to our congregation..I think of it as a taste of Heaven. The special choir did a wonderful job yesterday as well and of course Pastor George's preaching was excellent! Thank You God for Foundation Stone Christian Church and everyone there!
After church, we had family over for dinner and hanging out.  Randy was able to make it, SO good to spend time with him, but Chris had to work, we missed him!  Jeremy, Sabrina, Colton & Braedon were missed greatly as well!! They are too far away that is a fact!! Of course Kelly was home, my parents were here, my aunt, two of my brothers & families and my sister & her family. Dan had to work last night, but he was able to enjoy the meal and spend some time with the family.
a few pics...

Gorgeous Easter flowers &  addicting candy
The hyacinth is from our church and the tulips are from Randy& Emily!

Cupcakes Jennifer made, so cute and tasted delicious!

Auntie Arlene & Mom

Today is rainy, but I really don't mind. I've been getting things straightened up around the house and doing laundry.

Be blessed!


  1. Hi Pam! Looks like a fun Easter celebration. Sorry your sweet grandsons are far away. Are there any plans to move closer? The house we are buying is for Jessica and family to live in- only 10 minutes away. (((Hugz)))

  2. Hi..thanks so much for coming by. I just became your newest follower so I'll be back for sure.:)

    Love your cute new shoes..I need some. I get into the summer habit of wearing flip flops and then, when I need something a little dresser, I don't have it.

    We have something in common...both our hubbies have April birthdays and they both had German Cho. cake....:))

  3. Your Easter was filled with "special," too!!!

  4. Hi Pam, glad you had a lovely Easter! Thanks for the kind birthday wishes! :)

  5. Hi Pam, those cupcakes are so cute and making me hungry for one with a nice cup of tea.:)
    I am glad you have such a nice time with your family.