Tuesday, April 19, 2011

~April birthdays~

April is a big birthday month for our family!  Today is my brother Tim's birthday. This pic was taken last year at his birthday party. lol
Happy Birthday little brother!

Also today is my dear friend, Julie's birthday!

A few of us girls had a party for her yesterday, it was so much fun! It was at Elaina's house, she did all the decorating, all the work..but we all brought food. :-)
 My contribution was a big crock pot full of Cream of Chicken & Wild Rice Soup..yum!
pic from Weis Markets

My sister, Lori's  birthday was earlier this month, my brother in law threw a surprise party for her. And yes, she was surprised!! lol  It was a fun evening.

Thursday is Dan's birthday! He keeps telling me, "It's just another day."  We are going to dinner with to celebrate his birthday on Friday with Kelly and his older kids.  Then on Easter we will celebrate ALL the April birthdays in the family.  There are several!!

Be blessed!


  1. I'm of the 'just another day' way of thinking really, but it has to be just another day only filled with pressies!

    crumbs, that is a lot of birthdays. I dislike August, because it's filled with birthdays and wedding anniversaries for me. Gets a bit expensive, and even though I know to expect them, I always forget something!

    Happy birthday to all!