Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday News

Last night I decided to sort out a storage cabinet that is in our laundry room. What I thought would be a  simple 30 minute job, turned into a 3 hour complex  job of sorting and throwing away. lol Lots of crafting items are stored in there, along with gift wrapping supplies, bubble wrap for packaging, candle making supplies, etc. To my surprise I came across a stack of old LP albums from the 80's.  Here are a couple!
Lisa Whelchel

                                            We Are The World 1985
I am not sure how we acquired these albums..hmmm.
I wish I would have found my albums from the 70's! But I do believe they are long gone.

Went to church today, awesome as always! Love all of our church family, what a blessing!
After the praise and worship this morning, I was a helper in Sunday School, Toddler class. The kids are so precious.

This Wednesday night Sanctus Real, is performing at our church!!  So exciting! Got my tickets today, really looking forward it. :-)

Have a happy and blessed Sunday! 


  1. Heard her speak at Women of Faith!

  2. Glad you got your cabinet sorted, I usually find lots of things I shouldn't have kept & some treasures too :o) Hugs

  3. How Cool!!! I'm an 80's girl too...I appreciate your found