Friday, August 14, 2009

Local Wildlife and Weekend Plans

We saw the cutest sight this morning! There was a Tricolored Heron across the canal on the end of one of the docks, trying to do some serious fishing. Then along comes a young ground hog trying to make friends! I took the following pics through our dining room window, I didn't dare open the door and go outside for a closer look because both the ground hog and the heron would have taken off. The ground hog would get very close to the Heron, the Heron would shoo him away..then the cute ground hog would run back to land for a minute and then come right back for more! Dan and I and my nephew David watched this curious interaction for several minutes.

Dan has a few nights off, yay! He goes back to work on Tuesday night. It will be nice to have him home and spend time together.
Tomorrow evening we are going out to dinner with our dear, dear friends Debbi and Steve. Actually they are just like family to us. Kelly and her boyfriend Dane are going with us as well. We will be celebrating Debbi's birthday and enjoying time together. Debbi and Steve are in the process of moving to Florida, so soon we will no longer will we be living close to each other. Boo Hoo!

Sunday afternoon, after church, Dan and I are heading over to Devil's Lake for a couple days. Hope to have a quiet, relaxing time there and we plan on taking Patch with us. Did I say, quiet and relaxing?? Hmmm...with Patch along? lol

Take care everyone! God bless and I will catch up with you all soon.

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