Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 11 of 25 Days of Christmas

Day 11 of 25 Days of Christmas

Christmas~A Time to Give

 This campaign is making many families holiday so much better. 

 As part of TODAY's Shine a Light series, a campaign to support worthy causes, Kathie Lee Gifford is raising money for the Salvation Army.  
Visit here to learn more and to donate.  
To purchase Kathie Lee's  book "Good Gifts" visit Good Gifts Book.
 All proceeds benefit the Salvation Army and their Red Box Campaign.

Today I received my copy of "Good Gifts:One Year in the Hear of a Home". 
Thank you Kathie Lee and thank you Salvation Army for all you do.

This is book is so inspirational.
It is filled with beautiful photos celebrating faith,
 home, family & friends and food!

God bless


  1. Hi Pam. The Salvation Army is the best charity of all of them out there. I don't know about the Red Box but you can just bet the Red Kettle gets my dollars. Thanks for sharing. Hugz!

  2. Hi Pam, I give to the Salvation Army, kettles and donations. Enjoy your book.

  3. I always appreciate what the Salvation Army does at Christmas and all year round. The book sounds very good.

  4. We always give to the Salvation Army and they do such a wonderful job in helping those in need. :)