Friday, July 25, 2014

on the mend

My knee replacement surgery on July 15 went well.  I came home on Friday, July 18.  I have nothing but good things to say about University of Michigan Hospital, the doctors, nurses, assistants, etc.   I had a  private room with a nice view. I didn't have much of an appetite while I was there, wish I would have.  U of M Hospital doesn't have the typical patient meal service. They have  Room Service. I had a large menu with many choices, I could order food 24 hrs. When they brought the food, they knocked on the door and announced, "room service".  It's been years since I have stayed overnight in a hospital so I was pleasantly surprised by the Room Service.

I am receiving in home nursing care and in home physical therapy. I have a nurse who comes 2 times a week, checks my incision, vitals, takes a blood sample and just visits to see how I am doing. I have a physical therapist that comes 3 times a week.  The first week of August I will start going out to physical therapy, 2-3 times a week for 2-3 weeks.  Next Thursday I have a checkup with the orthopedic surgeon and will have the staples removed.

I have to admit the pain has been pretty bad, but I am starting to feel better. I know it all takes time.  It took awhile to get my appetite back, that has made a big difference.

Dan has been a great caregiver. He is busy around here taking care of me, the house, the dogs, the list goes on.   He gave up his man cave ( aka Nautical Room) for me during this recuperation, so I could be downstairs and close to things. He moved Kelly's old bed in here.  It's quite cozy.  I think it will be a little while yet before I go upstairs and sleep in our room. Kelly has helped out with as well when she is home. 

I have had many friends and family stop by, pray for me, bring food. I have received lots of flowers, cards and gifts. I am blessed to have so many people care about me and care about Dan as well. 

I am looking forward to doing normal daily activities again and sleeping well at night.

 Take care everyone.


  1. I'm so glad that things are improving. I'm sure that Dan doesn't mind giving up his man cave for just a bit! It is so great that home health and PT are available to come to the home. A great help, I'm sure. Take care

  2. I am glad to read all went well. Keeping you in prayer. Blessings

  3. Glad it's going as well as it has!

  4. Hi Pam! I'm so glad to hear that you are on the mend. It sounds like you have a really wonderful support system in place. I'm so glad that Dan is giving you great care and helping around the house. :) Thinking of you often and praying for a speedy recovery. Lots of hugs!

  5. Hi Pam! I'm glad things are getting better. You went through a huge thing, so I'm sure it takes time. I look forward to this all being just a memory for you, as you are out doing & enjoying the things you've not been able to do. You're blessed that you have Dan taking on the job of nurse. Please take care of yourself. Love you & sending big get well hugs!

  6. Hi Pam. I saw your tag at Judy's. Glad you are feeling better. Nice that Dan and Kelly are taking care of you. Happy Sunday!

  7. Hi Pam. Somehow I missed that you were having surgery. I know that once you are healed you will be so happy that you had it done. My mom has had both knees and a hip done and she is like a brand new (bionic :p ) person. Take care of yourself and enjoy being spoiled. :-) Hugs!