Friday, May 2, 2014

anticipation, faith, hope, prayer

The latest on my knees...
I will be seeing a new orthopedic doctor on May 12.  I have to say I am looking forward to this appointment. I have known what the next steps will be for quite a while.

It may be time to have knee replacement surgery if you have:
  • Severe knee pain that limits your everyday activities
  • Moderate or severe knee pain while resting, day or night
  • Chronic knee inflammation and swelling that doesn’t improve with rest or medications
  • Knee deformity: a bowing in or out of your leg
  • Knee stiffness: inability to bend and straighten your knee
  • No pain relief from NSAIDs (or can't tolerate them) or other conservative measures.
Yes, I can answer yes to all of the above, with the exception of swelling. I am in pain most of the time, I can not stand or walk for any length of time. I use a cane.   I am hoping, I am praying this new doctor will have something different  to relieve the pain to get me through the next couple of months..Kelly's wedding is at the end of June.  I am determined to be Mother of the bride to the fullest, enjoy every moment leading up to and during the wedding and reception.  In case you are wondering, I have had all the injections...last time they didn't work. Also I take supplements. 
I expect to have the first knee replacement surgery in July, with the other knee replacement surgery later in the summer.  My appointment on May 12 will answer many  questions.

I thought God would take care of this for me. Lots of people have been and are praying for me, praying my knees be healed, praying that my pain goes away.  But it seems that is not to be..not in a miraculous way.  Eventually I will get new knees, through knee replacement surgery, with skilled surgeons, nurses, and medical professionals.  And we will pray...pray for successful surgeries, wisdom for the surgeon, prayer for quick recoveries.

In all of this, I am blessed. Things could be so much worse, there are  many others suffering much more then I am.  I am thankful that someday I will be better, thankful I have Jesus, He is always with me...holding my hand.

be blessed...always


  1. Good post Pam...thankful for doctors that can do knee was one of the best decisions I ever made when I had mine'll do great!! Love you!!

  2. Pam, I pray that you can get through the next couple of months before Kelly's wedding. Life will be so much better after your knee replacements! Hugs

  3. I'm so sorry to read about your knees, Pam. I sincerely hope that you're able to get some relief before Kelly's wedding. Hugs

  4. I am sorry you are in pain.
    It has been almost a year since my spinal surgery. I was in a wheelchair but now can stand and walk I too prayed as did so many for me and I feel I was healed as God guided my surgeon in a very long difficult surgery. I learned a lot from going through that. It sure did increase my faith as did the healing and learning to let others help me.
    I am still in physical therapy and see many knee replacement people who are doing so well now.
    I am praying for you as well.
    Many hugs.