Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lots of Snow!

We came home from the cottage Friday, we knew a snow storm was headed for home and wanted to be home before it started.
It snowed all day/evening Saturday. We ended up with 8 inches of snow.
 Today we are having a few flurries, but not a lot of accumulation.

Sharing some pics!

 Short video of Tucker playing in snow

Christmas preparations are happening . 
 Mixed up three diffferent cookie doughs, chilling them overnight. 
Will start the baking tomorrow.

Have a happy Monday.
Be blessed...always


  1. Hi Pam, I am enjoying the snow pictures. I bet my Reina would have hated it. She did not even like going out in the rain! Enjoy your baking. Hugs

  2. Hi Pam! Look at all that beautiful snow. :) I love that video of Tucker. He is so cute. Hope you're having a great baking day! hugs

  3. HI Pam, lovely photos. Our little snow has washed away down here. Northern Jersey has some though.
    I enjoyed seeing the dogs romp in the snow!

  4. Hi Pam, those are wonderful pics! We are having a very snowy winter here, too. Wishing you a wonderful, cozy weekend ahead. Lots of hugs