Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Dan, Lunch & Cake Talk

 Today is Dan's birthday!  Happy birthday to my hunny!  We had lunch at Erie Restaurant, which is just a few minutes from our house. It is a cozy, casual place and the food is always very good. Today Dan had a bison burger and I had a rueben sandwich. My friend Julie works there on Saturdays, so it was very nice catching up with her.  
Later this afternoon Dan enjoyed a piece of the German chocolate that I made for his birthday. German chocolate cake is his favorite cake. I also made a coconut cake, mainly for myself!
After all, who doesn't like a nice, home made cake?

The coconut cake I made is a healthier, lower calorie/fat version, then the typical coconut cake.  If you are doing Weight Watchers, it is 4 PP per slice. It is so delicious!!! It does NOT taste low calorie/lowfat.
Lightened Up Coconut Cake!
You can find the recipe at Dashing Dish. Katie has the best recipes!! Every recipe I have tried so far, I absolutely LOVE!

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Hi Pam, my best wishes to Dan on his birthday! Sounds like you had a great time and I too love German chocolate cake, but the coconut looks so yummy. I'll have to go get the recipe. Love and Hugs!

  2. Happy Birthday to Dan! I am glad you guys had a good time and your cakes look sooooo yummy! Too bad that I am the only one that likes coconut.

  3. Happy Birthday Dan!! Looks like you had a wonderful celebration ;-) Hugs xo

  4. mmm, the cakes sound gorgeous!

    Hope Dan had a great birthday. Have a good start to the week xx

  5. oh that cake looks fabulous! I'll bet it was delicious :) Glad that Dan had a fabulous birthday. Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead! ((hugs))