Sunday, July 11, 2010

Where does time go?

Hard to believe I haven't posted here since Tuesday. gets busy, a good busy.
Dan had a couple days off this past week and it was nice spending time together. 
Lots going on this summer.  We have our big family reunion..Dan's side of the family, on Aug. 8th. We are part of the planning committe this year, so much to do.
My nephew Josh and his fiance, Kari are getting married in August! Yay! Looking forward to their wedding.
Dan and I going on vacation with some of his family in August as well. We are heading south, vacationing close to the Nashville area. Here are a couple pics of the vacation house.

July still has lots more going on. Tuesday, July 13th, my  Dad is celebrating his 75th birthday!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Dad! xoxo

The last week of July I am helping with Vacation Bible School at our church. I am teaching pre-school, ages 4-5. I am really looking forward to it! Our theme this year is..
The Egypt File
Decoding the Mystery of LIFE

There are many other events and activities on our calendar, but thought I would share a sample of what is coming up. I will share more as the days of summer go by, and lots of pics for sure!
Have a great week..I am going to try to post my SWD tomorrow.
 God bless


  1. you are a busy lady Pam :O)

    hope you can still find a moment here and there to post, during your busy summer! xx

  2. Hi Pam!! July and August both sound very busy for you!! Sounds like fun though. Happy Birthday to your dad!!! :) Have a nice week. ((BIG HUGS))!!

  3. Yes TIME fly's ALOT!!! Seems to be speeding past. School just got out it feels like and I am already seeing the school supplies going into the stores and first day will be here in a month..WOW WOW!! I tell ya flyin'

    Have a wonderful summer and enjoy all those moments you shared with us...vacation house LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!
    Bless you!!!! :0)