Friday, May 7, 2010

Wisteria & Wild Weather

Sharing the wisteria that is blooming in our yard.  It is so pretty and the fragrance is gorgeous!
As you can probably see, the fence is in need of replacement, that will be a Spring 2011 project.

We are under a tornado watch right now until 11 pm.  It has been a rainy, stormy evening, but I don't mind, in fact I rather like it!

I hope to post again tomorrow, but just in case I don't..wishing all the Moms out there a very Happy Mother's Day!!

Love & Hugs



  1. Hello Pam, I love your wisteria, it's so pretty when it's blooming, I hope the tornado watch & storms turn out to be nothing, you're in my thoughts. Have a great weekend! Hugs

  2. The wisteria is pretty Pam. I don't think I have seen it around here. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs

  3. Hi Pam,
    The wisteria is simply beautiful-I would love it in my garden!!
    I hope your Mothers Day weekend is wonderful and your day is special!
    Love and hugs.

  4. Hi Pam! The wisteria is beautiful! I love wisteria.

    Hope the tornado passed you by.

    I wanted to wish you a wonderful Mother's Day Pam. I hope it as special as you are.

    Don't forget my SWD this week...should be very interesting with Emily posting. :-) I'll see you when I get back. Hugs!

  5. WOW! Look at that Wisteria. Just beautiful! I can draw it on the puter, but not grow it! LOL Just stopping by to tell you I hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day!

    Love you!

  6. Hi,
    I came by way of Darylynn's but you made my day. I love Wisteria!
    Our former neighbors had it growing along their whole fence. When they moved our new neighbor chopped it all down. So sad.
    In N. TX it only blooms for a few days.
    To our surprise a root came under the fence and now blooms in March. It has sent a climber all the way to the topof a 75ft tree in the neighbors in back of us.
    Oh, I was worried the storms as my husband was born in Hillsdale and we were married their 44 years ago.
    My SIL's both have homes their for the summer but live across the lake in Milwaukee.
    Thanks for the beautiful pics!

  7. Hi Pam! I love your Wisteria! We have some blooming where I work. I think I may plant some this year. Hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day!

  8. Love the Wisteria! Beautiful... Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful...

  9. Hi Pam;

    Dropped in for a visit and hope your weekend and Mother's day was a blessed and lovely one. Have a wonderful beginning of the week dear friend. love & hugs