Friday, May 14, 2010

Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday!    It is a gorgeous day here, sunny and temps in the 70's.  My kind of weather for May.

Today is Dan and my  anniversary!  He has to work tonight, but went out for lunch and he gave some gorgeous flowers and a beautiful card.
We will have our big anniversary celebration at The Grand Hotel, on Mackinac Island, Monday and Tuesday. We will be attending  Celebrate Your Marriage! This is our 5th year attending this conference and we love it!  This year Gary Chapman will be one of the speakers!!  Here are a few pics from previous years we have gone.

Anita Renfroe...she was a riot! This was in 2007. here to read what I posted last year after we got back.

Have a blessed Friday!  I will try to post over the weekend before we leave.



  1. Ahhhh memories..doesn't seem possible that it's 17 years!! Time has flown by hasn't it?? Like the pics from the Island..enjoy and have a great time!! Love ya!!!♥

  2. Happy Anniversary Pam and Dan! Glad you were able to spend some time together today before Dan had to go to work, Pammy!! You're going to have a BLAST on your retreat. Maybe one day Doug & I can plan to come join you ;-)

    Love and Hugs xo

  3. Happy 17th Pam and Dan

    The Grand Hotel, on Mackinac Island looks like the perfect place to celebrate your anniversary. There's nothing nicer to be said to a special pair like you, than to wish you more of the joys you bring each other all year through. God bless you both. love & hugs ;-}

  4. Hi Pam! So glad that you are getting ready to go on your getaway. I know you will have fun & be blessed. Can't wait to see pics when you return.

    Loved the sign in your Wednesday post. :-) I need that. :-)

    Off to read your SWD now. Love you Pam...sending big hugs!

  5. Hi Pam,
    Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a lovely getaway you have planned for Monday and Tuesday! Have a wonderful time!
    Hugs, Dru

  6. Hello Pam, I found you from another blog I follow. I hope you and your hubby had a wonderful time at the Gran Hotel. we also celebrated our anniversary this month on the 5th. Have a wonderful week.

  7. Hi Pam,
    Happy Anniversary!
    I love the photos you have posted today!!! The flowers are just beautiful!!
    Enjoy your get-away.
    Love and hugs.x.

  8. Hi Pam! Happy Anniversary! How nice that your getaway comes so close to your anniversary. I'd love to visit there someday. Really looks beautiful! (((Hugz)))

  9. Pam, sorry so late on the anniversary wishes. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Those flowers are such gorgeous colors. Sounds like an awesome conference ::jealous:: SHHH! :D Anywho, enjoy the rest of your week.

    Love you!