Monday, August 11, 2014

love my family & friends

Let me start by saying, we have wonderful family and friends. We are very blessed.

 After making sure I was ready to be home alone, Dan went to the cottage Friday and came back today. He had to cut the grass and do some maintenance.  He took Bentley with him and I had Tucker here with me.
I was checked on several times a day and evening by phone, not only by Dan, but several friends and family. Thank God we still have our home phone line because my cell phone died Friday shortly after Dan left!  I kept in contact with lots of people with FB private messaging, the next best thing to cell phone text messaging. I chatted with Kelly quite a bit over the weekend. MISS HER!
Saturday was a fun day. My friend Cindy came to visit Saturday afternoon. She brought me watermelon and a delicious red velvet cupcake.

My Mom came Saturday afternoon as well. Had a nice visit and she brought me a really cute gift from her recent trip to my happy place, Mackinac Island.

This cute little sign is from my favorite Mackinac Island shop,
love my Mom!

Saturday evening my brother Tim and sister in law Jennifer brought over dinner. We ate together, had a very nice visit, and they cleaned up the kitchen.   I was complaining to Jennifer how weeds were taking over my flowers outside and she offered to pull weeds for me!  I kept telling her, thank you Jen, but no, you don't need to do that.  She wouldn't take no for an answer! She went outside and pulled of all of the weeds around the back of the house. It looks so much better. That was so thoughtful, so kind. Thank you Jennifer. Tim took Tucker for a couple walks, played with Tucker, giving him lots of attention.  Tucker loved it!  

Sunday afternoon my friend Julie and her daughter Maddie came over and spent a couple hours with me, just chatting.  Julie took Tucker on a nice, long walk while she was here.

Thank you family, thank you friends for checking up on me this weekend, for hanging out with me, sending messages and talking on the phone.  You all helped fill my weekend with love and smiles. 


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  1. Wonderful family and friends! The plaque your mom brought you is so cute! The cupcake looks good enough to eat. Have a great day.