Wednesday, January 29, 2014

thankful & praying

 photo from Ann Voskamp

Today was Dan's 6 month, final appointment with his orthopedic doctors, they are very pleased with his knee replacement, in their words, "a home run"! Thank You Lord! We are very thankful as he suffered greatly with knee pain before the surgery in July.  The recovery, therapy and healing process took time and was painful at times. But Dan is happy he had the surgery and told me the whole thing was worth it. 

I haven't talked about this on my blog in a while, but my knees are still an issue, both knees.  I already know that  knee replacement is the next step... whenever I am ready.   I am just stating how I feel and not trying to whine or complain, but I am in pain most of the time. I can't stand or walk for long periods of time, nights are restless. I have been praying for God's healing, whether a miraculous healing or healing through medications, etc. Shots do not work anymore.. and I've tried all sorts of supplements. Believe  me, I have tried about everything. 

Today I realized more then ever that my dear husband is really noticing how much I struggle and he is very concerned.  Dan told me before his surgeon came into the exam room that he was going to ask Dr. Miller for his suggestions for doctors for me at University of Michigan Hospital. ( I am not a Veteran, so of course I can't be treated at the VA hospital). Dan prefers I have surgery at U of M, not our local hospital.   Now that he has experienced a successful knee replacement he is encouraging me to explore this possibility.  One difference is, I need both knees replaced.  They would not be done at the same time, but eventually both would be replaced.

I now have two orthopedic doctors to call. First I will need to check with our insurance company to see what is covered, what our portion would be. Another important factor is Kelly's wedding, she is getting married in June of this year.  I am the mother of the bride, so the next few months are busy. 

thank you Ann

 Still bitter cold, windy and snowy here in Michigan!  
Maybe February will be mild?! 

be blessed...always



  1. Glad that you are looking into getting some help with your knees..keep me posted on what is you!!

  2. Praying for you Pam. I have a little pain in the knees. My shoulder is my big problem. I bet the cold weather makes it much harder. Take care of your self. Hugs

  3. I'm sorry you are having trouble with your knees, Pam. My mom has had both of her knees replaced and she is doing great. She also recently had her hip done. I know it definitely improved the quality of her life. I say go for it! Hope you are keeping warm. We are supposed to get some snow tomorrow, though not much, which is fine by me! We need moisture, but I'd prefer rain. Big hugs to you!

  4. Glad you are getting help for your knees. I let my spine go far too long and had nerve damage. I will not be out of the woods for a long while to come yet and in May will be a year since spinal surgery. Always best to act quickly.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Pam, I'm so sorry that you're in pain daily with your knees. You're blessed to have Dan, & the concern he shows you. I'll be praying for you as you make a decision on what to do. If you really think you will have to have this done, then I think it's wise to do it ASAP so you can get in with the rest of your life, pain free. Love you Pam...praying.

  6. So glad that Dan's knee replacement went so well. That should for sure give you encouragement to go through with the procedure. I too have knee pain and it does impact your life. I'll be praying.