Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Delightful Candle Jars

Candles are one my favorite things. The more fragrant the better!  I prefer "homey" scents like vanilla, cinnamon, hazelnut, gingerbread, I could go on and on. I buy a lot of candles and receive many as gifts. I burn candles everyday! In the process I have an almost endless supply of empty glass jars once the fragrant beauties have finished. I suppose I could make my own candles and refill the jars,  but I don't have that kind of  ambition . hee hee.
 So, instead of disposing of the jars, I used them for storage.  
 I have a few to clean up  right now,  so that is one of my jobs to tackle this week.

This is one of my jars before a  thorough cleaning.

Now here is one of my clean, sanitized jars put to good use!

Below is small rustic looking candle jar that I filled with tiny Christmas balls.
(sorry about the quality of the pic, I cropped it from another photo).

 I use these jars to store a number of things.  
I am sure you can think of things to store in empty candle jars!

Be blessed! 



  1. I love storing art supplies in clear glass jars. They look so colorful. One of my sons likes collecting insects in jars.

  2. Great idea about reusing the jars. You've given me a great idea. I have an almost finished candle that would be nice for cotton balls in the bathroom!

  3. I love candles too and burn them everyday in autumn and winter, but I never buy them in jars. They sure are pretty tho'...and the Christmas balls look lovely. :)

  4. I've been buying Kringle candles - which I love so much - and they come in the most gorgeous jars. Worth buying for the jar alone!

    you're blogging here again? Do you still have your site? At the end of December I started working on a new site/blog, but I'm still using Blogger - well, when I DO blog - I love Blogger! most the time.

    have a lovely weeekend

  5. Endless possibilities. You're right! Cleaning them must be tough. I love the old vintage label. It looks great.