Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Monday

Our grandson Colton turned 5 years old on October 6th!  Here is a pic of our big boy with his new bike!
Sure do miss them all!! It is hard having children and grandchildren living so far away.

Our town is putting some finishing touches on a new light house/beach house.
Here are a few pics! 

Early evening at our beach..

Beautiful sky..
 From this past week at the cottage..


  1. You are indeed blessed Pam :)

  2. Lovely photos. What a cutie Colton is. kids are wonderful at that age.
    Hope you are having a blessed week Pam!

  3. 5! I didn't realise he was only a year younger that Girly Girl, I don't know why. Gosh, time really does fly by. He looks like a lovely young chap :O)

    Beautiful photos Pam, have a gorgeous weekend xx

  4. Hi Pam, the new lighthouse looks so nice. When will you see your grandsons again?

  5. Hi Pam , stopping in to wish you a lovely weekend.

  6. I sure understand the frustration of living far away from grand kids. I so much enjoyed my time with them last weekend! I didn't know you lived so close to a beach. So pretty there. I love the lighthouse. Have a blessed day. Hugs