Monday, June 11, 2012

Retirement happenings

Dan is loving retirement and I am loving it right along with him!   We found a cottage and are in the process now of buying it!! It is small 2 bedroom, 1 bath home on a large all sports lake that is part of a chain of lakes. It is on a nice piece of property and includes a pole barn. Sharing a few photos, mainly of the view and the yard. I will share more of the inside and more details when it is officially ours.

Dan has lots of plans and ideas for the property.  We look forward to the time we will spend there.
This is going to be a quiet, peaceful and relaxing get away. 

Dan's retirement party is this Saturday.  He really didn't want a party, in fact he refused to have one for a while, but gave in. So many family and friends want to celebrate this happy time, so he agreed. It will be a great time!  We are having it at a hall, the VFW that Dan is a member of.  

 Much Joy and Love


  1. So happy for you and Dan, Pam! The photos are lovely, what a gorgeous and serene place your new cottage is. Would love to see a pic of the pole barn some time, too!;o) Have a wonderful week. ((hugs))

  2. That is beautiful Pam!

  3. well, I'm not much of a party person either, but when a man finally retires from work I think it's worth celebrating! Make the most of each and every day - you've both earned it.

    And how exciting to be buying a holiday cottage! looking forward to seeing more pics once it's your!


  4. Your getaway cottage is co cool!!!!
    My retirement party is Hawaii and Jr will retire by the end of the year if they have thy buyout. Congrats to Dan!

  5. I love the cabin!! You will enjoy it so much. So happy for both of you. Congrats on retirement!!! Have a nice weeeknd. ((BIG HUGS))!!