Monday, December 5, 2011

The Historic Simon Kenton Inn, Antiques & Snow

Dan and I had a lovely few days away. We went to Springfield, Ohio and stayed one night at the Simon Kenton Inn. We wanted to stay two nights, but they were booked for that second night. So, we stayed at the Hampton Inn for our second night. The Hampton Inn is one of our favorite hotels.  
The Simon Kenton Inn was a new experience for us and we enjoyed ourselves very much. The whole place is gorgeous and so comfortable. We had dinner in the Inn's restaurant, fabulous!!   If you have time, check out the links on the website and read the history, etc. I didn't take any photos of the restaurant, but if you go to the website you can see pics there.  Theresa Siejack, the proprietor is wonderful!  We will definately stay there again, probably in the spring or summer. 
 Here are some photos I took during our stay.
 Our room~~
The Tecumseh, locate in the barn on the hill.
Believe me, it looked nothing like a barn inside!
Pics taken inside the main house~
We chose a room on the ground floor instead of up and down the stairs. Hmmm..

blurry pic.. :/

Dan..good morning!  :)

  We went to three different antique malls in Springfield and picked up a few things.

This side table we brought home is my favorite!
I have it sitting in a corner in our dining area.

I took some pics at the antique mall, maybe I will share some of them tomorrow.

  It started snowing tonight!
Took this photo about 10 pm.
Now it feels like Christmas time.




  1. what a gorgeous place to stay Pam, I will come back and click on the links.

    oh and the snow! the snow! I want snow! This time last year it was already here, I've been stocking up on salt all summer, and so far ... no snow! gah! typical!

    I'm sure it will arrive soon. Rumours abound about a white Christmas. How perfect would that be?

    must scoot. almost 7 a.m and another busy day looms.

    lots of love to you xxx

  2. The Inn looks so pretty and charming! I love bed and breakfast inns. I love the table you found. I can't wait to get to Tennessee and prowl around their shops. Have a lovely day.

  3. Oh my goodness, Pam, I love the snowy pic you took, so pretty! So glad you had a nice time away. Love that pic of Dan, he looks so happy and relaxed, eh? Have a super week. ((hugs))