Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bedroom remodel~Happy Father's Day

Dan has recovered from his surgery, he has been back to work and working a lot.  Many 12 hour shifts and on top of that he is remodeling our bedroom. 
We have had a waterbed for years and love it.  Well, the waterbed mattress sprung a tiny leak. Dan tried to patch the teeny tiny hole and it got bigger!  Thankfully we decided to drain the mattress before something disasterous happened. Dan had always said that when we drained the waterbed he was going to replace the old carpeting in our room with a wood floor, Pergo.  Of course if we are putting a new floor down, we need to paint the room, new window treatments are needed and of course new  bedding! This is a total bedroom makeover.  We are going shopping Monday to look at mattresses.

 We are thinking of getting a different type of mattress, giving up the waterbed.  I think I may faint, I have slept on a waterbed for over 30 years!  This is all kind of excting, but I feel  bad for my hubby doing all of this hard work in our bedrooom, plus working many hours.  I don't know when the room will be done, thankfully we have a guest room to sleep in for the time being. 

Tomorrow is Father's Day! I am very thankful for my Dad. He is not only an awesome Dad, but a wonderful grandpa and a strong man of God.

 I am very thankful for Dan, my wonderful, hard working husband who is an awesome Dad to our children.

~sweet blessings~

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  1. Seems like you have a very wonderful dad. Anyway, yeah, it does seem pretty wise to drain the water bed before it bursts. It could be pretty bad if it bursts... but hey, at the very least, it gave you guys a chance do do a bit of bedroom remodeling. Some changes in the environment at home can be pretty refreshing. Well, I hope the remodeling goes well for y'all!