Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mackinac Island, Celebrate Your Marriage, Grand Hotel & Beaumont Hospital!

Dan and I went to Mackinac Island this past week for Celebrate Your Marriage with Jay & Laura.   We were looking forward to the conference and staying at The Grand Hotel.  We arrived Monday afternoon.

Jay & Laura
One view from our room

Some pics of our room
A few pics around the island

I LOVE this shop! I had the pleasure to talk with the owner, Nicole for a few minutes and of course I bought a few delightful items.
Check out her blog at the link above, you will love it.
 Dan became ill while we were on the island, actually he had been having symptoms for a few days. It all came to a head Monday evening and we left the island to get Dan to the hospital.
I drove him to Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, MI 
Dan had emergency surgery on Tuesday, his gall bladdar was removed. The doctor told us his gall bladdar was full of stones, ducts were blocked and the gall bladder was extremely inflamed.   The surgery went well and Dan was able to come home Wednesday evening.  He is resting and trying his best to be a good patient. We are so thankful to the Lord that all is going well and I was able to get him to the hospital that he prefers!
OK, will try to past again soon!
~sweet blessings~


  1. Pam, what a beautiful hotel & island! I too am sad that your trip was cut way short, but so thankful that Dan is okay & at home recovering now. Tell him that he's going to have to make this up to you BIG time when he's able!:)

    Your new business venture looks interesting. I am going to come back & check it out in depth a bit later. Sending you big hugs Pam!!

  2. Great pictures Pam..I know you were disappointed about the conference but you did get a "taste" LOL Have to make up with a trip to the Island when we go up to the cabins in July!! Love ya!!

  3. Gorgeous.
    I hope your hubby is well soon again.
    So sorry he got ill. :(
    He is in my thoughts.

  4. oh my goodness. I'm glad Dan is ok, but that must have been a scare for you both.

    lovely photos.

  5. Sorry he got ill. Great pics BTW!

  6. Glad you still got to do your trip and happy to hear Dan is recovery well.
    Sending hugs