Monday, March 21, 2011

Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili

Yum...this sounds delicious! I think it will be a good one to try out on a Sunday.

 Happy Monday
~be blessed~


  1. Hello Pam, Thanks for stopping by my blog, I live about an hour south of cleveland. In fact I will be in the toledo area visiting a friend soon, we used to live there and we also used to live in Flint Michigan over 20 years ago. I read your chicken taco chili..I need to try this sounds good. Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, Jolyn

  2. I've made this recipe a few times from Gina, it is really good. I like to use it in enchiladas too :) Have a great day Pam.

  3. Hello Pam, it's great to find your posts. The taco chilly looks yummy, I'll check the recipe on my way out. I hope spring has sprung in your area, hugs

  4. Rainy and chilly here today and this looks like a great dinner recipe to warm up with.
    Hope you are doing well. Have a lovely day today.

  5. lovely. looks really nice. Makes me want to dig out my Gooseberry Patch books and get a few recipe ideas!

    My little lady is getting really good with food (not that she was bad with food, but she wouldn't eat certain things, mainly meat), last week she told me she wanted roast beef for sunday lunch, and this week she wants lamb! Got to encourage that!

    have a super weekend xx

    p.s thank you again for your emails, it really means a lot when someone knows exactly how I feel and takes time to let me know xx

  6. This dish certainly looks delicious and so good!