Tuesday, October 26, 2010

~tuesday evening~

Happy Tuesday! I am enjoying a cozy evening. Early today we experienced extremely high winds and were under a tornado warning for a couple of hours.
 Thank God that everything is fine, we don't have any damage.  We are having strange weather for the end of October.  With all the wind and rain the trees are losing their gorgeous leaves much faster. 
I don't know about anyone else, but I am tired of all these political calls. Yikes, I think we get on average three calls a day! (sometimes more).  Most of the phone calls are automated so I just hang up. Plus all the junk mail in our mailbox, several political ads, everyday!  Well, it will soon be over with.

Sharing some pics of our awesome grandsons, Colton and Braedon. Colton just turned 3 earlier this month and Braedon was 1 in July.  I sure do miss those boys!

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Here is a great quote I read in one of my devotional books.
"Do not have your concert first and tune your instruments afterwards. Begin the day with God." ~Hudson Taylor 
 The best preparation for the day is tuning our minds to the mind of the Lord. I enjoy my early morning time in prayer, talking to God and reading my bible.  It has been a much treasured part of my daily routine. I highly recommend starting your day off with Jesus!

love & blessings


  1. I love a cosy evening, but not if it comes with a weather warning! I'm glad all is well for you.

    Your grandsons are just adorable. Children grow up far too quickly for my liking. :o(

    Yes, I'm still blogging!
    Have a lovely Wednesday xx

  2. I absolutely love that quote!!

  3. I love the orange and fall look you got going here!!! and that quote!!!! LOVE IT!!!!
    Have blessed evening Pam. :0)

  4. The quote is wonderful. Your grandsons are so cute! Getting caught up on all your posts as I have been not getting around to read as I love to do.
    The photos of the trees are beautiful. Fall has its own charm for sure.
    Hope your day goes along wonderfully and stay safe in the bad weather!