Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sunny Days & A Stinky Dog

Hi everyone! Well, summer has arrived! Today the high temp was around 85. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 90. I honestly don't enjoy extreme temps hot or cold, but I am going to my best not to complain and thank God for AC!
I have been working in the yard a lot, tending the flowers and couple new bushes we planted last week. I am enjoying all the beautiful colors. I really should get out there and take some pics. I have been walking in late afternoon/evening along the lake. I love look out at Lake Erie, it is so big and just seems to go on and on.
Here is a pic of the lake I took a couple weeks ago on one of my walks, not one of those real sun shiny days...but still nice.

Dan and I bought a couple new chairs this spring to use outdoors. They are the Cabela's Chaise Lounger.

Very comfy!! I actually used one of ours today for the first time. Decided to sit outdoors in the front yard and soak up a few rays. I had Patch our there with me, letting him run about which he loves! He has plenty of room to run because we live on a dead end street with canals on both sides with only one other house on our street, and that is vacant right now. While he was running he decided to get nosy behind the neighbors house...I called him, took a couple minutes, but he came right back to me. Well, isn't that a good boy, but then as Patch gets closer I can and smell that he has rolled in something. Something slimy and stinky!! ICK! It could have been a number of things, we have lots of ducks, geese, all types of wildlife around here. So it could be the poop from an animal, rotten duck eggs. dead fish...who knows! All I know is that it was disgusting. Well my boy is all clean now after a nice bath. This evening just before dark I sat on the deck in the back and let him have another run, this time I had my eye on him at all times! lol

Hope you are all having a fabulous week. God bless!

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