Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Summer Clothes & Doggies Teeth

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes for Dan!

I was checking the weather for Louisville for this weekend and was shocked to see that the high will be in the high 80's! Now I have figure out what to wear on the way down and what to pack. That's fine, I am ready for capris and short sleeved shirts!

Yesterday Patch went to the vet to get his teeth cleaned and had to have 3 teeth extracted. My poor baby! Anyway, he is doing just fine. The doc put him on antibiotics and pain pills as needed. Also have to soften his dog food for him and make sure that he takes it easy for a couple days. Of course I know that we need to take better care of his teeth, brushing them, etc. I have never been good at brushing our dogs teeth and tend to let it go and forget. The vet office also gave me an oral gel to rub on his teeth and gums to prevent tartar buildup. Also recommended was therapeutic dental food by Hill's, which we are still thinking about. I need to check out their website.

Here is a pic of our smiley boy, Patch.

Take everyone. God bless!

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