Saturday, April 12, 2008

Middle of April

Hello! I am finally back to blogging! Sorry it has been so long.

Dan has returned to work this past week. He is doing well and getting into the routine of going to work and also has a lot of overtime! We both enjoyed his time off and look forward to when he retires, within the next few years.

Kelly is doing great, busy with work, school and spending time with her boyfriend, Dane. The winter semester will be finished in a couple of weeks and I believe she is taking the summer months off from college. She will be going full time again in the fall and is already registering for those classes.

My sons are all doing well, working and busy with their lives. Since none of them live very close we don't see them often. My oldest son, Randy was here for Easter, which was so nice. My youngest son, Chris is working hard at his job and going to college in the culinary program. We miss Jeremy and Sabrina and grandbaby Colton down in Florida. It is so hard having children and grandchildren live far away. The good news is that they are coming up here for a visit in July and are going on vacation with us!! Randy and Chris are trying to work out their schedules so they can come with us as well. I am so excited! Will share more about that at a later date.

Tomorrow afternoon is my Mom's retirement party! She has actually been retired for a couple of months now, but the party was put on hold because of her surgery back in January and the time of recovery.

Our weather today is cold and rainy. We have had a few very warm and sunny days this past week, but it still doesn't look like Spring yet. Well, at least we don't have snow!

I hope you are all doing well. I am going to start making visits as soon as I post this. Take care and God bless!!