Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Surgery on Monday

On Monday, Dan is having surgery on his right hand. He has a condition called, Dupuytren Contracture. Basiscally it is painful growths on the tendons in the palm of his hand. So, surgery is necessary to remove them by going in and scraping the tendons. That just sounds so awful! There will be a time of physical therapy after the surgery as well. Dan will be on medical leave from work anywhere from 3-8 weeks.
In fact, tonight is his last night of work, he has a couple days off before the surgery. If you don't see me around as much it is because I am taking care of my hubby and hanging out with him.

Our snow has all melted and we have had constant rain for two days. The weather forcast is freezing rain and snow over the next few days. I am tired of winter and more then ready for spring.


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